New Ranked Restriction

Ok, I have 2 statements to make. They made alot of benefits for the new players last season and this preseason. why not make one for veterans in gameplay? 1. Some new players are really eager to start playing ranked games after reaching level 30. Which ruins the game for some people who are trying to climb to get their desired ranks. since these people who are "Brain Dead" most likely to get placed between Bronze 5 - Bronze 1, They might feel bad about themselves. so we should increase the level requirement for ranked. 2. Some people ruin games for playing a fresh new bought champion for the first time in a ranked game. I feel like they should but mastery level restrictions on ranked games. such as [Only able to pick champions you have mastery 2 or higher.] this would cut some of the try-hards and toxic peoples frustrations making league of legends a ~~better~~ cleaner game. I know that this would frustrate the new players to grind a lot of games to just play a same type of game in a different atmosphere, but I think this should take place since we have a lot more champions and runes combinations than season 2 or 3.
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