The Shyvana update/rework she deserves!

Warcraft's Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm
Deathwing, the big bad of World of Warcraft 's Cataclysm expansion, is coming to Blizzard's crossover MOBA, Heroes of the Storm . He's a big, tanky boy and will stand out from Heroes of the Storm 's existing heroes in some intriguing ways.
So for the uninitiated, Heroes of the Storm just got Deathwing. His main attribute is 100% immunity to all effects from allies and foes alike. He cannt be CC'd or buffed in any way whatsoever. THAT is a dragon! "But unlike Alexstrasza, Deathwing will play in his dragon form exclusively. And he’ll be “permanently unstoppable,” meaning opponents won’t be able to slow his roll. Allies won’t be able to affect Deathwing either. He cannot be healed by his teammates or cloned by Abathur, for example." Now to Shyvana. She's awesome. Simply my favorite champion but she suffers badly from having no cc and her only engage is R. While I do **NOT PROPOSE THAT SHE BECOME IMMUNE TO EVERYTHING IN DRAGON FORM.** Her dragon form would benefit greatly from something akin to a large Tenacity buff in dragon form, or a spell shield that's good for a few charges, sort of like the Bone Plating rune. _Something_ that would allow her to exist at least in dragon form. The main problem with Shyvana is that even in dragon form, you can be completely immobilized and taken utterly out of the game for upwards of 3-5 seconds or more. An ETERNITY in a team fight. A champion like Olaf {{champion:2}} has total immunity as his ult and he isn't considered broken OP. Other champions that get to exist and have windows where they can cheese everything while killing everything and take time to farm up and come on line like Shyvana: {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:8}} Shyvana wouldn't be anywhere near the worst offender if anyone considers immunity "bad balance". Counter play? Easy. You don't even have to change Shyvana's numbers or scaling if you enacted this change to her ult. Her ult can be baited, out played, and she can still go down with a simple focus fire, especially her AP build. Please consider a change like this Riot. It would be an impactful, yet still healthy change for a champion that over all has been out shined in her own role for much too long.
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