How do I Beat Vladimir as Irelia?

Hello! I'm an Irelia one-trick and having one huge issue: Vladimir. I've learned how to beat every other Irelia counter in laning phase, but can't seem to find a way around Vladimir during the laning phase. After laning phase, there's no problems. The best strategies I could come up with for laning phase... Strat: All-in Level 2 Drawback: If I miss the stun I'm forced to play passive until level 3. Strat: All-in Level 3 Drawback: Even though the trade is won, he sustains the lane better and can keep healing up any damage dealt through short trades. Strat: Play hyper-aggressive Drawback: It only works before level 3. Once he has W, an autoattack fight will only result in defeat. Strat: Wait until level 6, bait his W by instantly ulting, land stun after his W ends. Drawback: Irelia's all-in early game isn't as strong as Vladimir's. There's a section towards the end of a full trade (After all ults are over and both players are on cd) where both Irelia and Vladimir have about the same hp. If Vladimir manages to get out of range or runs into fog of war, the only option is to retreat and accept the trade; though he ends up healing back up. If I try to autoattack duel, I put myself at risk of his Q coming off cooldown or a jungler gank. Strat: Take ignite. Drawback: If he also takes ignite, you have no choice but to forfeit the lane. If you have teleport and he has ignite, you can try to teleport into other lanes and just win other lanes, or get a lucky snowball off of a potential double/triple kill botlane. But if you take ignite and he takes ignite, you end up not using it at all during the game because both ignites cancel each other out (since Ire already loses the lane, it's back to square one). Strat: Forfeit the lane, don't feed. Drawback: Albeit the only strat I found that works, it causes a potential loss in lane pressure and allows for the enemy jungler to completely forget about toplane. On top of that, it allows Vladimir a free lane to farm and puts you behind until you can find a place to get an edge. To top all of that off, if other lanes lose then the game's practically over, as Irelia relies on staying caught up or snowballing. I just don't have anymore ideas on how to beat Vladimir. Any Irelia or Vladimir players know what I can do?
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