Jinx is no longer a hypercarry

So in the preseason, Jinx is getting these changes: **Jinx ** **Change Goals** Playing up what it means to Get Excited! as a path to success through a teamfight. Slowing down Rockets' Attack Speed so there's some tradeoff she incurs more of a tradeoff with that weapon. **P - Get Excited!** Can now chain together and stack, increasing Total Attack Speed by 15% per stack (Movement Speed portion does not stack) Duration increased 4 >>> 6 **Q - Switcheroo!** Jinx now has -15% Total Attack Speed while using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher It seems to me as if the planned Jinx nerfs make her never want to use Fishbones in lane (not only do you go OOM if you spam rockets, but you also deal way less damage with them), but it also seems as if even in team fights she would probably not want to use Fishbones either. Her attack speed is already abysmal, and this change just makes it even worse. She won't even break 1.0 AS with Fishbones. Damage (with nerf) over 10 seconds assuming level 18 Jinx (no runes and masteries) with IE, LW, BT and PD vs random target (no armor). PowPow (525 range) AD with items: 304 AS with items and buff: 1.4391 14 attacks, 5852 damage Fishbones ( 700 range, 110% damage) AD with items: 304 AS with items and debuff: .83025 8 attacks, 3678 damage per enemy hit with all 8 attacks So for Jinx to deal as much damage with Fishbones as with PowPow, she will need to hit at least two people with each of her autos, which is probably not gonna happen. So effectively, Jinx will have even worse problems in lane, while either being at close range (and thus vulnerable) in order to deal the amount of damage a regular ADC would, or being safe and dealing much less damage than any other ADC in teamfights. I think we can say that Jinx is no longer a hypercarry with this nerf.
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