Why do you even play immobile ADCs

This is a question for my fellow ADC mains, i've been playing ADCs since season 1, although i don't play immobile carries a lot i still have a lot of experience playing things like {{champion:222}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:202}} so i decided to pick up Jinx again for the fun of it(keep in mind i have 100k+ mastery on her just didn't play her lately), played around 10 games with her, safe to say it was the most frustrating thing i've done in the past 2 days. You have a bad supp? GG Your team can't peel? GG Youre up against poke/bully lane? GG Getting ganked? GG I mean it was a coin flip, i'm either getting stomped to death and ganked or i have a good team and i can just rev up the lethal tempo minigun with 3.3 AS and go ham but here's the main question, why do you ever choose immobile carries over {{champion:236}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:498}} . Is it just the love for the character? Cause i love Jinx and Jhin but playing them is damn frustrating or are you teaming up with premades? On the side note, to the dude that has a hot page post asking why every game there's an Ezreal or Kai Sa, well trust me i'm not playing Jinx again in the near future either, give me something that can move god dammit
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