fifth division is hell

ive been playing for 2 seasons now .. first season i got silver , and second i was gold , now im at plat 5 for season 8 and its hell ... this happens every time i climb to a fifth division of any tier ... i get stuck there for about a month ive played lol for 2 years , and in this two years ive never even had the smallest amount of fun ... this is a game after all , its always worry and going for try hard wins and headache and more headache , hell this game gives me more headache then real life problems and its not because its an online game and all that ... i played world of warcraft , ive played dota 1 , cod and cs ... wow was the game i had the most fun with and dota 1 the second ... you know ... lol is like the real life , there is no true reward in it that you can truly enjoy ... you get that , you want the next and the next and the next ... and this is a big flaw in my opinion because this is a game and the only reason i invest my time and money in it is to have fun , its not an sport because it has no positive income to your body or your mind , it has no positive income at all ... i got from bronze to plat and i feel like ive achived nothing , i have no feeling of satisfaction ... in world of warcraft for instance when i got something i wanted i was happy with it , it was fun , even the process of me getting to what i wanted was fun , and dota 1 was fun in general ... maybe because it didnt have a system that constantly tries to pair you up with people worst than you or tries to keep you down and punishes you for wining ... ( and that is happening legit , i que up for a game now i get gold 4 and 5 in my team , where i would get plat back when i was gold 1 ... i just cant understand that , my mmr didnt magicly drop when i entered plat , did it ? ) dont get me wrong im not bashing this game ... it is addicting and well made , all that is wrong with it is the ranking system ... in my entire time playing this game not once have i played a game where people with equal skills were paired against each other .. i either were in it to win it or lose it ... and i dont mean the try hard wins where i carried 4 or 3 other people ( i dont call that fun ) whats the fun in having 4 weights on your shoulder ??? currently this matching system has me at a place where i just give up on a game where if my team gives first blood ... or i just try new champions that i know i wont win with ... i will run it down mid as soon as some one so much as looks at me the wrong way ... and i know thats gonna sound hypocritical but im not to blame , ... what do you expect of a player after he try hards for multiple games and does well even , plays only one champion and preforms well everytime , but despite of that he loses because he had a bad team and this is a team game ... anyone who goes in a losing streak and loses 8 or 9 games in the row with good stats will be tilted and my crime for getting this losing streak was my promotion to plat and being in a winning streak its legit winning streak losing streak and im tiered of that if the system of the game was oriented around the player and not the team , i feel like it would be much more fun , where you wouldnt be punished as much when your team screws up , the amount of lp given to you or taken from you shouldnt just circle around winning and losing a game , your stats should matter ( kda , damage done , tower taken , inhabitor , cs , and etc ) these should be factors in player mmr and gain or loss , if they are factors in the equation im sure they will positively affect the player behavior and player performance .... if they are factors you will be punished for your mistakes and whose not ok with that ?? im not a bronze player complaining about my team keeping me down ... im a player whose looking for fun and not getting it where he most certainly must be getting it .... and dont get me wrong im all for challenge ... but this current system is not a healthy challenge ive lost games where i was the one responsible too , and i was 100% okay with what i lost for it
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