When will Riot nerf Trinity Force?

You think I might be trolling. But I don't think a Garen/Nasus/Yorick/Irelia/Jax/Darius/Hecarim/Fiora who deal absolutely to no damage before it. Randomly after they buy it they can hit you ONCE whether with Jax W / Garen Q / Yorick Q / Heca E / Darius W / Fiora E / and from 100% hp you go to 50% even if you are one level ahead of them. I am aware it is the most expensive item in the game.But it makes brainless champs 10x times more overpowered and they are suppose to be. How about the disgusting SPELLBLADE passive gets nerfed to from 200% to 150% ? OR MAYBE 140? 125??????? Should I record how Garen Q halfs you ? I can do that too UNIQUE – SPELLBLADE: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 10 seconds deals 200% base AD bonus physical damage on-hit (1.5 second cooldown). I will literally pay money,to get this item nerfed. It's unhealthy. Why? Cuz a garen can go full tank after it ,and still do the same 1 Q and you're outtraded. Also no opinions from Irelia/Jax/Darius/Garen/Hecarim/Yorick/Fiora players are allowed . EDIT: Also opinions from Nasus players are irrelevant
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