Believe it or not but I actually think Riots making an active effort to improve the game.

Ok, Hear me out, I just said something outlandish and impossible I know. In 2 patches we are going to have updates to Support, Jungle, And AP items. These changes typically you would never see outside a preseason or midseason. So I think Riot acknowledges something is wrong. So listen, is it possible that they are updating more items. Will there be a tank/bruiser, and even ADC UPDATE NEXT? Now this is all speculation but it wouldnt surprise me. Who knows maybe they hit PBE the second they are confident in the changes and the 2 currently most debated are having the longest time being changed. It would make sense why there has been so little changes with 2 of the most heated topics on here. Again this is all speculation, but I would not be surprised at all if in the next 2 patches we saw more item updates.
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