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Dynamic Queue may be a flawed system. Or just straight up shit in the eyes of a lot of players (be it a vocal minority or not, they're still players with a voice that should be respected) **But the thing that a lot of players seem to forget is that the old Solo Queue system was very flawed aswell!** Which is why Riot decided to replace it in the first place! I mean, come on... Let's be honest. Entering a room with 3 people yelling ''Mid or AFK'' was not very pleasant, and Dynamic Queue did lower that number by A TON. Now I'm not gonna tell you Dynamic Queue in it's current state is better than Solo Queue. I'm not gonna tell you Riot is perfect in everything they do. _(Rioters are humans, just like us. We make mistakes, they make mistakes. (I mean, Deep Terror Gangplank is still not a thing so... c:))_ I'm not gonna tell you you shouldn't be upset about the situation, because they did fuck up. But I will SUGGEST you to atleast give them a chance to get their shit straight and fix it! Riot is trying to make Dynamic Queue a better system, and if we have certain desires from the system, we should give Riot the feedback they need! **The system is flawed, but it doesn't have to stay as flawed as it is.** Just my 2 cents, feel free to keep complaining about Solo Queue, you have every right to. But I don't think you'll achieve anything with it. Feedback, be it positive or Negative can make a difference. EDIT: Ok Ok Ok I forgot new Champ select =/= Dynamic Q, My bad. Now please stop commenting about it ;-;

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