Riot nobody likes playing 5~10~15 minute games

Stop with it with making the average game time lower and lower, i like it on how when a red responded to it was like "well its only like a minute average game time down its not that much", well you guys should be trying to make it last longer, not LESS, if im not mistaken the average game time right now is around 24 minutes, which is absurd, 24 minutes used to be full STOMPS in season 2~3. Theres nothing fun from auto losing games to early game junglers that just gank every lane and decides which team wins in 5~10 minutes because junglers kill laners too easily and can camp for free, meanwhile theres almost nothing you can do to stop yourself from being camped or being snowballed on. Back then the games felt like a full experience, we had the long laning phase of 15~20 minutes, that properly transitioned into split/squirmish into finally the late game with games going into 35/40 min mark where every champ had a chance to impact the map, now the games just ends in deathballs by the winning team before the 20 min mark, before most of the ppl can even do anything to impact the game outside of junglers and a few others.
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