Shen needs to be reverted or reworked again.

##_(TL;DR at the bottom!)_ I was browsing the Boards earlier and I came across [this post right here]( about a player with 2,000,000 mastery points on Shen. He brings up a ton of good points but the short version is that Shen has not aged well over the years and he has glaring problems in every aspect of his kit. I don't agree with _everything_ he has to say, but it reminded me of what a sorry state Shen is in and how long he's been this way. > **Before I continue:** I'm an unranked, fairly casual player. I've been playing since Season 4 and Shen was my first main. I've got about 500-550k _ish_ mastery points spread across 3 accounts. Not a lot, but I do have some experience with both old and new Shen. I'm not claiming to be a god at this game, I just want to be able to play one of my favorite champions. > Kian987 (the guy who made the post linked above) is [currently ranked Plat 2 according to ]( but has maintained a Platinum or Diamond rank since Season 5 and beyond. So not only is he a very experienced Shen player, but he's offering a higher-than-**average** perspective on the champion. _____________________ With that out of the way, it's apparent that Shen is one of the worst champions in the game. Speaking purely based off of statistics: - Shen's [playrate peaks at 3.3% in Iron]( and [6.0% in the LCS]( For comparison, a popular champion like Yasuo maintains a 15%+ playrate. A less popular but still picked champion like Lux fluctuates from a 12-20% playrate. Even someone like Akali who was recently "gutted" (as some would say) maintains a higher playrate than Shen in almost every ELO. This is only by a mere percent or two, but it's still indicative of a larger problem. ##Shen is one of the least picked champions in the game across every ELO. He's consistently one of the _bottom 30_ champions in the game. ____________________ Regardless of his most popular or highest winrate role, Shen is designed to be a toplaner. **More specifically,** according to his rework's objective: Shen is designed to ["enage in extended one-on-one duels, but we want those fights to be a bunch more engaging and skill-based than they were."]( Shen maintains a positive winrate against _four_ champions in the entire game. Now this might be a little exaggerated [since it's a limited sample size (from, a website I don't use too often)]( but you'll find it's nearly impossible to beat most champions in extended trades. Building offensive items severely gimps your performance in duels _and_ teamfights, and Shen does not have the base damage to survive extended duels with only defensive items. Every other duelist has innate... well, dueling abilities. Fiora has % max health true damage, Jax has bonus resistances from his ultimate, Yasuo has projectile mitigation and consistent mobility, Master Yi has bonus attack speed from his ultimate and survivability with his Alpha Strike + Meditation abilities, the list goes on and on. So how does Shen measure up? Well, he doesn't. Because Shen's power has been funneled entirely into his ultimate, his 'duelist' kit has suffered and you'd be hard pressed to find a Shen who actually plays as intended rather than just building full tank. That's because it _doesn't work._ ##The objective of Shen's rework, to make him a thoughtful and strategic duelist has taken a backseat due to his ultimate restricting him. Basically, he's a duelist who _can't duel anyone_. He's a tank with a duelist's kit and a supportive ultimate. _______ # So what would I suggest? Well, like I said, I'm an unranked, casual player. I'm aware that my desires are probably not what's best for the game. However, if I could offer some suggestions for others to build on or for Riot to take into consideration: - Shen has historically been played as a tank or support with no in-between. Choose one or the other when considering a rework or changes to his kit. As much as I loved Lightning Shen and full AP Shen, Riot is trying to cater to every playstyle in the form of a 'fighter/tank/duelist/support' instead of just 'tank/support' which would make balancing and accessibility much easier. - If Shen's "duelist" theme **has** to stay, he needs power shifted away from his ultimate or it has to be changed entirely. Shen needs a kit tailor-made to dueling and he can't do that with his current abilities. **Give him the Ornn treatment. It might help to take a sizeable chunk of range or power out of Shen's ultimate in exchange for newer or stronger base abilities.** This would directly improve his performance at all points of the game. ># **Referring directly to the title / TL;DR:** >- Shen is currently one of the weakest champions in League of Legends. He's never historically been one of the highest winrate champions **but **his rework and constant train of nerfs have made him hit new lows across every level of play. Whether you like or dislike Shen, **you can't deny the statistics supporting that he's one of the worst champions in the game (with a winrate that's held up in large part by mains) across all levels of play.** >- Shen is having an identity crisis. He's got a duelist's kit, a supportive ultimate, and plays like a tank. His intended design of "tank/duelist" does not work and is restricted because of all the power that's been funneled into his ultimate.
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