Do ANY junglers get hunter's potion?

So with new runes I wanted new things as I have been doing mostly {{champion:54}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:77}} for a while. most of the stuff I have been up to being in the jungle with {{champion:62}} {{champion:203}} (they are both free,but all honesty I forgot I owned both and forgot the existence of wu altogether){{champion:32}} {{champion:254}} and the one who me thinking,{{champion:427}}. so at some point somebody said "ivern does not scale well with all the jungle items,just get your special smite/ward item then build supportive items" that saving about 1600G then I noticed hunters in the shop thinking "says you get a potion on jungle kill,but sounds great for ivern as I get an {{item:2031}} anyway so it is 250G" and you DO still get the potion charge which BTW heals HP and mana,so with both ivern can just clear and sustain until something comes up,like let's say,your buffs again,or about 5K gold,or an {{champion:39}} with {{item:3078}},or your {{item:3028}} as with your jungle HP regen just makes you take less damage over time. but does anybody else build it? and I am referring to both champions and players. I remember when I first started I just took the thing in lane thinking of it as a {{item:2031}} upgrade...yeah the last time I built it was like February or something from what I know when I started.
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