Im tired of change, not game

stop changing game so heavily that changes strategies to win every fucing 2 week i played travian for 5 fucing years, and there was fucing 0 changes, before connections grow and video games become popular, i played , I played Ikarim for 5 fucing years, they had 0 change and I never get fucing tired of them, and only reason i didnt resume playing them was the time they need ( u actually need play all day that wasnt possible for me in higher ages) and u need money to win. but league is ok, u dont need to play all day and u dont need money to win, just playing champions against different players with different minds and strategies is so funny, interensting and will never be boring, stop reworks and heavy changes in game, let me find some strategies to carry and win and play with at least one season, the game state atm is this : because u cant find new strategies to win yourself (because game is changing every 2 week) u just copy paste pros idea and builds, that is so shitty and unfun. played many games, I played Counter Strike 1.6 for 12 HOURS daily for 2 YEARS and never NEVER was tired of it, fucing NEVER was tired, and only reason i leave it was magic sXe and cheaters, the game was full of cheaters, and after cheaters dominate cs and anti cheats i came to LoL. I mained evelynn, fucing old evelynn was my main , u rework her. I main yi, what was my strategy for yi that gave me platinum ? I do cowsep level 2 cheese, take one kill and be sure im a bit ahead in start of game, take free boot + 150gold future market that is like gold of 2 kill and then just farm until I buy bloodrazor, after I take drake immidiately and take herald asap , actually maybe 2-3 gank in first 20 min. right on 20 i do nashor with my top laner (just need 2 items if u had skill on yi to dodge nashor attacks and some other tricks) and after that i fucing split push, I learnt every thing about split pushing on yi and match ups , i was plat and trying for diamond. and now ? just back after 1 month, I cant do level2 cheese becuz scuttle , I cant afk farm because every laner is feeding af because game is to snowbally , i cant do nashor at 20 because every single champ can dou nashor at 20 now and everyone come on nash at 20, one month ago even one player dont check fucing nash on 20, siupports always check it in 20:15 , when it was gone (20:10 and i slain nashor), and because all of these changes , i even cant split push, runes are changing and champs towers every fucing thing is changing i can say my strategy with evelynn that is completely ruined now , i had strategy with xin that gave me plat and it is just unplayable now, as I said, I played many fucing video or online web site games for hours daily, and never quit them because they was boaring , website games just need so much daily time, and shooter games have cheaters but LoL is just changing a lot, stop dude, dont change meta for 1season im sure nobody get tired of game, the beauty of game is this that 10 different people wtih 10 different idea and strategy come in game with many different runes and set ups and everyone try to win or make his strategy better for next one, but ur strategy just get removed by riot every 2week. it is all , stop changing game every 2 week, let players find their own playstyle and play that fucing playstyle for at least months if not years. sry if my english is not perfect

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