I'd prefer tanks/bruisers having more HP to literally everyone dying in sub-4 seconds in teamfights.

I get it, Riot: you need games to be short. Well, you know what would help with that? If tanks could tank for longer lategame. If a tank and a single carry stay alive with any semblance of health after an ace, they can take out multiple objectives. Yet tanks are always the ones that are dead first. It's frankly disgusting seeing how useless they are in comparison to their carry counterparts. Literally all they do is engage for the carries; it is their life and death and it's extremely un-fun to both watch and play. To the point: why should tanks' finished items give flat HP and not %HP? How many HP items do carries buy now - none besides Trinity Force, right? Make finished items scale with max health so that additional HP items don't feel like a drop in the bucket lategame and armor and MR can stop being a mediocre stat on them; to make sure that HP scaling abilities on champions and items like Titanic then isn't ridiculous, REDUCE the scaling as champions gain levels (i.e. 5% at level 1 down to 2.5% by level 18) so that these items don't break tanks' kits once they get ahold of them! That way once they have 5k+ health they can't become a carry themselves and create yet another problem! If tanks and bruisers/juggernauts could survive even one additional rotation come lategame it would be very beneficial to the game, as **SOME**one on most teams would then be able to initiate or start dueling a hypercarry without exploding in seconds and could therefore be designated as an initiator. Items might not even be the best way to implement this but more health needs to be injected into the game somewhere; why not give it to the champions that are supposed to have it, especially since they're in the easiest classes to keep from getting out of hand? **To make the game healthy again there needs to _be_ health in the first place, Riot!**
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