I play both Nasus and Veigar , I like both champs. before any of the white knight try to defend veigar i do enjoy playing veigar and i think he's a decent champion and totally balanced so stfu. I just think Nasus is on the weak side and shouldn't have to farm minion all day , he should be able to stack on champion in team fight and not be forced to farm minion all day, just like veigar does. both champion gain stack when killing a minion/monster/champion except veigar does not require that you finish the champion with Q, not only that if he kill a champion he gain X5 stack here's another thing , veigar can farm Q by landing it on people and here's another thing : he gain W cooldown 0 up 99% cooldown depending on how many stack he has. how come nasus doesn't gain 3 stack when hit a champion with Q? how come nasus doesn't gain 15 stack when he kill a champion? how come nasus has to freaking last hit a champion instead of automatically gaining 5X stack on takedown? BECAUSE RIOT LEFT HIM IN THE DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!
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