Anyone notice that AP shyvana has a 63-66% Win rate?

Yeah. Just noticed this: In her Tier 1-2 item picks (meaning early game, so EVERY game) AP Shyvana is actually carrying a 63-66% win rate depending on the build path. It's not her primary build, but the sample size is noticeable, and it's dwarfing the success with any other build path. It's actually gotten so strong, she's now taking Dark Harvest almost 50% of the time, even though she's normally a low engage, situationally active jungler who has to divert from ganking to farming periodically because of how her ult works. But then again..... her AD builds aren't weak either. They're pulling 52%'s. I thought the general consensus was that Shyvana was weak. A Jungler who was not reliable at climbing. That was easy to chisel down as long as you could keep a range on her. If you look at her stat charts she for the first time in her existence switched from being about 60% Physical damage to being about 80% Magic damage. Yeah. She is now just spamming E, and using R, and burning with W. She's gone mage. Question is...... Was that how she was designed? To Spam 1 skill and win? Also correlates this story. Except..... I want you to look at something: See the left hand strength breakdown? She literally is beating the average in EVERY STAT EXCEPT ASSISTS. Oh Right...... 8.9 They buffed R to 100% AP scaling and E to 70% AP scaling from 30% And added 1.25% HP damage to her E. (A 5/8ths buff) Why are people not complaining about this? Oh. She has a low pick rate. Rofl. (It'll get ignored until she's a 35% pick rate like other champs) {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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