Why do you ban Morgana?

Yet another day where I can't play my one trick. Sigh. Why do you ban Morgana? * What do you find most annoying or frustrating about her? * Do you believe she has any counter play? * What champions do you play when you ban her, and how do you think she makes your life difficult? * Have you personally played Morgana or spent any serious time learning the champion? I don't mean this to flame. I'm honestly just curious to see what people say. Keep in mind saying something like, "Lulz she too OP and busted" isn't really a good answer. Although I'm sure some people will just copy and paste that lol. I'm even willing to 1v1 anyone interested in learning how to play against Morgana. Tell me a lane and a champion and we'll do a custom. It might even be fun!
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