Riven nerfs are gonna come soon

Riot's just gonna milk the new skin for as much as they can first She's broken as hell, everyone knows it. She's the most popular top lane champ in solo queue with one of the highest win rates in Diamond, and she's picked a ton other regions in professional play. Not to mention nobody enjoys facing her Just wait for it, it always happens Edit: Since Riot Repertoir doesn't believe there is causation to the changes (which to be fair is probably true), here are many cases where this has happened despite potentially be directly caused 1. Dragonblade Riven was announced before Riven got nerfed on january 15th, 2014. The Skin was released officially the 28th 2. Guqin Sona came out when Sona nerfs were being begged for because of how strong she was during IEM Kiev when Moscow 5 abused her, Sona nerfs are on the PBE before the month is even over (January-February 2012) 3. Arcade Sona came out when right before Sona was considered the best support at worlds 2012, she was nerfed immediately after 4. Pulsefire Ezreal was released at the end of June 2012, when Ezreal was widely considered one of the best champions in the game. Riot didn't touch him much because worlds would be played soon, and right after worlds he gets nerfed. 5. Infernal Nasus announced at the end of season 3 (came out late November 2013), Nasus nerfed slightly, the skin sells for a few weeks and Nasus is nerfed in the first patch of Season 4 (Early January 2014) Whether you want to argue if its correlation or causation is up to you, but it definitely happens

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