Is It Me Or Does Rammus Need A Nerf

Once he builds {{item:3076}}, you deal a quarter of your health to yourself until you die while he can just skate on out without being stopped. Once he hits 6 and finishes {{item:3075}}, you deal half of your health each auto (Clearly exaggerated but that's what it seems like) while being taunted which seems like forever (Another exaggeration but that's honestly what it feels like) so you never get to use your abilities on him or escape (Not exaggerated.) The damage you deal to yourself each auto is too much for me. Wayyy tooo much damage for a champ who's already stupid tanky and has extremely great ganking potential. Anyways, what do you think? Should he get nerfed or do you think he's in a balanced spot right now because every time I play against a Rammus, it takes too much effort to kill him while he melts everyone else like butter?
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