Everyone complains about CertainlyT but personally, I feel that Riot Jag is more problematic.

Let me make this clear: This isn't a "FIRE RIOT JAG" or "REMOVE HIM FROM DESIGN" thread. However, I do feel that Jag should take a double-look at his designs and maybe reapproach how he handles making/designing a new champion, because there are some pretty rough problems that are consistently coming out with his champs. For those who don't know, Jag is relatively new. He's currently responsible for three champions: {{champion:164}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:266}} (Rework) Aatrox I won't go too much into, mostly because he was a rework and there will always be that group of Aatrox players who refuse to ever acknowledge that new Aatrox exists. However, pretty consistent problems appear on both Camille and Kai'sa that echo each other. * Both have a huge variety of tools. Camille has diving/mobility, lockdown, auto-resets/empowered autos for splitpushing, ranged poke with her W, decent defensive tools and a wide variety of CC in a slow, a knock-up and a grounded/anti-mobility mechanic. Kai'sa has poke, % damage, mobility in both ms and actual mobility, mixed damage, AoE clear and defensive tools like stealth and shielding. These characters have wide, jack-of-all-trade boxes that they can use in a variety of fights. It also means that they often have had situations where they excel at one thing over other champs: Camille probably has one of the strongest lockdown tools in the game. Kaisa's kit gives her an ok early...yet also a strong late. * Both have required heavy balance tuning. Camille, on release, was so good she was played in 4/5 roles (Top, Mid, Jungle and even a support game in the NA LCS). She required having _every ability she has nerfed_ until she was remotely ok in both pro and pub play. It doesn't help that despite what people say, Camille is quite pick-up-and-play. She's very simple to get a grasp on even if her skill ceiling is high. Kai'sa has been a dominant pick since release and doesn't really have a HARD counter to go to that we've seen yet in pro play. She's still needing quite some balance tuning and it seems that even if she's not good in pub play, she's quite strong in pro play. With some many things to tune, Kai'sa has a ton of levers that the balance team has to pull to keep her sedated. * Both feel like improvements on old champs. Camille and Kai'sa feel like what would happen if you showed me Vi/Vayne and told me "Make a better version of these champs". While not completely true, both have overshadowed their counterparts. Hell, it has gotten so bad with Vi that she's one of the two (I forget the other one) champions who has seen _Zero_ competitive picks across all regions. Zero. NOBODY values her. Vayne has it a bit better but because Kai'sa is safer in lane and has a roughly equal late game, with perhaps Vayne getting an edge, she doesn't see half the play she used to. It also doesn't help that the only tool Vayne has over Kai'sa is self-peel, which is often less useful in a fight than more consistent mobility and dodging. ###If Jag is reading this Hey dude. I get it. Designing champs is hard. Plus, I know that these are your first two champs so there are likely to be roadblocks that make it harder. I don't want you fired and I don't want you to come off as me saying you're an idiot. What I _do_ hope, however, is that you'll improve your designs as time goes on and that your next champ can avoid being the problematic champ these two have. I sincerely hope that your designs will get better and that you can still keep the "fun-to-play" energy that Kai'sa/Camille have without necessarily have to so heavily overwrite other champs or putting so many tools in their kits. You have all the potential in the world, I just hope you can capitalize on it. #TL;DR CT champions are all weird and varied but also have unique problems. Jag's champions seem to have consistent problems and ones that are more subtle and thus, last longer. Through a combination of adaptability, varied skills and being psuedo-improved versions of older champions, Jag's champions seem to have consistent problems that I hope get ironed out as he designs more champs.
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