Why do people expect junglers to do everything?

Hey jungler when you gank, make sure to keep them there for at least 3 seconds while I get there make sure to ping 10 seconds in advance, 4 second ping that you’re ganking is too sudden hey jungler you should always be the one to engage adc: hey jungler, gank and do everything above but also survive and let me get the kill, don’t feed my lane hey jungler you need to gank more, fuck your farm early, also solo/steal all drakes but also get herald for top without their help since they’re busy too hey jungler we told you to not farm early and gank us more, but also dont farm midnand late game becaue you gotta group hey jungler why are you so low lvl cmon mid: hey jungler I saw u in river getting scuttle, so I engaged thinking you’d get here asap, why didnt you get here faster with your default boots mid continued:hey jungler why didnt you secure the kill, I flash ignited the enemy too hey jungler counter-jungling is a waste of time just gank us hey jungler you help us, we shouldnt ever help you..deal with the enemy team invading you by yourself hey jungler your buffs belong to me even if im losing, I can carry with buffs idc if you’re fed jungler frontline for me, deal damage, also cc, focus teamfights and also objectives, make sure to stay with me all the time, I can 1v5
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