Senna and her scalings

So I love {{champion:235}}. I've had so much fun playing her. I typically play {{champion:164}} and just about main her only in top lane. Typically my secondary role is jg or mid. How ever, more then likely im going to be making that support next season cause I just love this champ. Her abilities are fun. I think the slow firing relic cannon is super fun and a great counterpoint story-wise to {{champion:236}} gunslinging skills. How ever, I think its really bad to have her healing and damage scaling with ad, making lethality items great buys for her. I also think it means it will be very hard to balance her into support only if you find her adc potential to high for Riots liking. I like that she has ad and ap scalings, but instead of scaling both damage and healing on her q, and her ult as well. I think it would be much easier if her scalings where split. Attack damage can add to her q damage, but ad should only scale damage. do the same on her ult with the shield vs damage portions as well. That way its easier to split as well as tune the numbers from her two sides. ranged poke vs utility support. On a side note, I would love to have just background knowledge on how designers might decide if they want to give ad or ap scalings to specific champions, as well as which abilites get those scalings if a champion has both scalings in their kits. Right now it feels really odd to me in Senna's kits specifically, but also a few other champs like Shen's ultimate having a big ap scaling to the ally shield as well. Perhaps it would be better for me to make a separate post on that second point.
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