ARAM Ranked .... because there is a ranked for TFT

Ok, bringing this back. We need an ARAM ranked. If TFT gets a ranked , ARAM should get a ranked version too. I know it's random, but seriously, how random is TFT. I spent 14 gold re-rolling trying to get a Garen so I can upgrade him to Gold, and nothing. Meanwhile, somebody who has been getting killed all game, comes back with with 12 health and Gold Trist with 3 items including rapid fire, and just melts everyone. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} There is an element to skill in TFT, but there is also randomness and chance. EXACTLY like ARAM. Requires skill to be effective and win, but character selection is random (the element of chance). They came out with ranked for TFT soooo fast, but nothing for ARAM. Here is some baseline for how ARAM ranked should operate: 1. All champs are open for ARAM ranked (regardless of what you own) OR You need to own 60%-70% of the champs to even participate. 2. No re-rolls or trading 3. Dodging at any point equals instant loss, no exceptions (loss would only be for person who dodged) 4. Champs will always include 1 tank/bruiser, 1 ranged AD, 1 mage(AP), and 2 random champs 5. If someone dc's, the ability to remake in the first 3 min 6. The ability to get master 6 & 7 tokens is activated. Who's with me on this??
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