Riot is willing to make really bad balance changes around perservation or creation of "identity"

They have taken so much form akali before even trying to target what might actually be the problem. Now she doesn't have her heal or a reliable form of stealth or really good mobility. I half expect more Irelia nerfs every patch given she is still commonly seen in pro play last I checked. I am still saying making the marks a coodown reduction of about 70% (multiplicative with item and rune CDR) would likely resolve most of the issues while keeping the reset on kill. Having to wait 1.5 to 2 seconds between a Q on a marked target would not be an issue given it is still much more rewarding compared to the down time on old Irelia. Kled will be keeping the unnecessary grievous wounds and losing other aspects of his kit, same with Reneton and Blitz for the shield break when they prove to be too effective against something like protect the kog comps in pro play. Riot has this concept of you can't touch or nerf a champs identity even if it s a problem. And they are starting to add things to kits which are clearly intended to be a part of a champs identity regardless of it is a good idea or not.
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