Remove or Nerf the Infernal Drake

With the current snowbally state of the game that is getting increasingly hard to come back from why haven't we looked at the Infernal Drake? The Mountain, Ocean, and Wind dragons are all great drakes in my opinion and they're pretty balanced and easy to play around for both teams. If you have mountain you should focus objectives as you can take them more quickly, if you have ocean try to poke down enemies and siege instead of all inning from the regen, and if you have wind you have increased map pressure from movement speed. Infernal drake is just such a braindead drake though and it really is hurting the game with how it complements the snowball state of the game. I'm probably not the only one that notices it spawns much more often then other drakes. I'd most likely be wrong though as every drake has a 25% spawn rate, but let me ask you a question can you truly say you notice any other dragon more than the infernal? The infernal is probably the most contested and stupidly strong drake in the game. Let me take a moment here to dive back into the old dragon though. Dragon's Might: +6% Attack Damage and Ability Power Dragon's Wrath: Basic attacks burn turrets for 10-180 over 2 seconds. Dragon's Flight: +5% Movement Speed Dragon's Dominance: You take 20% less damage from turrets Aspect of the Dragon: Doubles all previous bonuses and your attacks burn for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. This stack only lasts 180 seconds With each kill of a dragon your team got a permanent buff up until the 5th which would only last like baron buff for a short period of time. Look at the first number, 6 percent increased ap and ad. Well you might be saying that's not that bad that's just like the infernal. Well no at least with the old drake you always had the chance to go and get that extra percent damage like the enemy team if you could kill the drake. The infernal drake though? No that's completely up to chance. You MIGHT get the chance to get even with the % extra damage if you're lucky, and if your team is behind early and you're trying to come back late by farming up and playing safe well Riot wants you to go contest that 2nd infernal drake because either way you're losing the game if the enemy team gets that 16% extra damage on their side. In my opinion this drake's overall worth needs to be brought down to the same level of the other 3 drakes. There's no reason this drake should be worth all other drakes combined. My personal opinion is to either nerf all the ranks of damage to 6/12/18% or just completely rework the Infernal drake and the buffs it provides.
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