Problems in the Jungle meta nowadays I've played Season 9 jungle a bit and I think this guy has some interesting points. I'm not in for the "one size fits all" end all be all solution but I think Some mixed feeling about the jungle camps becoming too lopsided towards very ad-heavy and manaless junglers can really shape and become super aggressive soon if Riot doesn't fix it. Set stone changes back to season 4 and maybe make Wolves respawn in red buff and raptors respawn at blue buff, whilst maining the individual goal of Junglers who actually want to farm more. Also I like to see a bring back to conditional buffs for junglers who smite at the camps like in Season 5 and 6. Also I don't agree with Riot about plants being in the game too heavily to influence the game. I would either remove them or make some very good stable change to make them as efficient as possible without punishment. What do you guys think of all this? TL;DR problems stem themselves heavily from the farmer not being awarded enough so I thought about changes like giving buffs on individual camps back and changes on plants. I also switch raptors and wolves around to compensate for the gold problem. I believe those two I can really agree with mostly for more diversity and allow mages to jungle more.
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