Jhin, the Freelo

**[Billy Maise voice]** You ever get tired of having to AA more than once to get a kill? Are there stragglers in your teamfights? Do you need to initiate a fight on somebody half way across the map? Good news! Jhin, the Freelo has been released out of Public Beta! No brain required since you only need to manage 4 attacks They also each deal about 120% of enemies' health bar. You can also press R and instagib anybody with a 90% slow and 2.5k damage from across the map! But wait, there's more! If you buy Deathfire now, we'll double the offer at no extra cost That's right, 2x damages for the price of one! Hurry, the sale will last long because there's no nerfs in sight! Call 1-800-free-elo to order now
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