Why are not high ban rate champs being looked at?

Simply, Yasuo, Zed, Katarina, Vayne, Darius these champs are always on the top of the chart with ban rates. Now, they go up and down around 50% winrate, but people still hate playing against them. Why are you not looking at that? I'm seriously fed up with yasuo, its a bs design and its the most antifun champ ever. I will dodge if he is picked, and often I might dodge and get a 30 min ban rather than play against this bs, the game is literally not worth playing if he is in it. There is no problem to see that these champs are highly disliked, so why are they not dealt with? There is enough data, so do you not care about having well designed champs? I cant see Ahri being banned unless she is overpowered and has to high win rate. Yasuo gets banned even if he is at 45% win rate.
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