Zed rework idea

1st I want to say sorry if this isn't in the correct section and a mid is free to move it. Now, let's start. Zed is supposed to be a high risk high reward melee assassin, but currently he's playing as a low risk high reward ranged assassin, so let's trim on the power, shift and make him require a little more skill again. Note 1: Not saying Zed doesn't require skill at all, he's no Yi, but the skill required to be decent at him is much lower than it used to be, so my small rework aims to place more skill in him beside the "just buy Armguard to make him useless". A Zed that fights along his Shadows not using them to fight for him while he cowards away till the enemy is in passive kill range. Passive: - No longer works on minions - If damaging a target bellow 50% hp, deal extra damage (same numbers and CD as live) - If hitting an enemy champion with 2 Shurikens, the next AA within 2.5s will deal additional damage, 20s CD. (Cool down and damage are separate from the other part) Q: - minions hit by 2 Shurikens take 25% extra damage - hitting a target with 3 or more Shurikens converts 50% of shuriken damage into execute damage. W: - CD starts after the ability ends - CD refund raised to 2s per champion hit. - if Zed is 400 range or further from his Shadow, the Shadow abilities deal only 50% damage. - 1s lock on using abilities after the Shadow spawned. Can still teleport instantly. E: No changes R: (full ability rework) - Zed creates a shadow behind every enemy champion within 1200 range, the Shadow has the shape of the enemy that spawned it. - Shadows initially deal only 33% damage - Zed can swap to any of the shadows once if he's 400 units or further by righclicking an enemy. - After Zed swaps, the Shadow will deal 125% damage and will start walking towards the enemy that spawned for 3 seconds. - R shadows don't share W shadow restrictions. - Swapping between Shadows has a 0.5 lock timer. The plan was to take away from Zed's lane safety and the last hit assistant (last hitting ranged minions lvl1 after 1 tower shot with no prep should not happen) while buffing his kill power and team fight when executed properly (imagine a 7 Shuriken where 5 of them have the 125% bonus) Base stats like hp, hp growth, hp/5, armor and such can be buffed to compensate for the safety loss. Opinions?
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