Here's why Ranked is so bad, compared to Blind Pick.

**1. Everyone can play what they want, with no restrictions.** So many champions, so little time. There are even tons of good champions that are banned - that indirectly counter what is meta at the time. **2. Griefers love that players on their team lose something of value.** Time, LP, Tilt, Account Suspension included off of reports. **3. The team starts working together right as players call roles.** It's like the GL HF in starcraft. Except this is a dumb lottery based pug pvp game. **4. Both teams play extremely aggressive, it's not a snore farm fest.** This is one of the big reasons League has gone from a classic moba, to an ARAM scene in regular games. People like spamming abilities.. no one wants to see passive games. They want to see skill. **5. Teams can make interesting team comps** The design philosophy behind Starcraft was that, everything is overpowered. So if two teams use overpowered strategies against each other, the game is chaotically balanced. (For the better). Hey guys, thanks for reading these points I'm bringing up. My goal with this post is to see what the community thinks we should do to make ranked a much better experience than it is now. Topics to avoid that I feel isn't related to this thread (OFF TOPIC); Player Behavior, Toxicity, ARAM, Normal Draft, Champion Balance. Previous topics that players have discussed before are, that we can bring up again; **Fixed 50% win/lose matchmaking is bad for the game.** **Rank disparity is too high** vs **Longer Queue times for better matchmaking** **There's too much damage** **Toxic gameplay is worse than being VERBALLY Toxic, But Riot takes VERBAL toxicity 10x more serious than Toxic Gameplay (inting, running it down)**
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