So do you guys still think its healthy to blame and degrade degrade yourselves for losses in league?

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I often hear people telling people that blaming themselves for the lost games is the way to go which makes no sense because its a 5 man game anyway ......I just played this game and this is just one of many that turned out this way...Im not high elo but i do my best and I do my job ......idk what else im supposed to do honestly ....ive blamed myself so much tha honestly im starting to wonder how is it that Im blaming myself when i get teammates like this constantly...and it gets worse and worse every time. Im not getting people of my skill level on my team. And thats is kinda trapping because when they bring down my mmr I only keep getting worse and worse even tho my skill level it how u say above it doesn't matter because i have 4 other people on my team working against me?......... Im starting to think you dont get rewarded for doing well and your best anymore u just get what everyone else decides to give you... Im losing hope honestly . This isnt fun and its lost it competitive nature. For those of you who read this and can understand my dismay I say to you hey what can we do?...leave? quit? its our fault that out teamate dont know how to play their roles. its our faults that they dont listen when we try to explain. its out faults that we try hard and fail time and time again. its out faults that we dont get a chance to be our bests. hey idk about anyone else but this game isnt healthy. I dont think league is fair anymore. I think is set in a way that some profiles will climb and climb because its set that way and som will just never scape the surface because the system wont allow it... but whatever man all a guy can do id have hope... and im losing mine
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