you guys fucked up katarina when she was finally balanced i played a game with her top lane against a gnar and stuff even when i had the ludens and a death cap i couldn't kill a vayne or a lux her gameplay is soo messed up right now pls change her back to the way she was you nerf the champions that finally get balenced and buff the already op champs dint nerf gnar fine bearely nerfed ekko okay but nerf kat when she was easy to kill but could easly kill no not cool riot and theirs soo many champions you coulda nerfed instead jax fiora gnar dianna galio fucking hiemendinger 3 turrets invicible bs leblanc hell even vayn now for that matter 3 hitting to 4 hitting dam near every one malzahar talon zed sona they all have something more or less wrong with them weather its their kit or just stupidly op late game to zed canceling my ulti to half healthing you with one hit earlie game kat was balenced i ask you put her back to where she as because she is pretty much all i play and i cant play her now due to all the other champs totally facerolling me
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