Long Post (Narrative writing to persuasive writing) (meant persuasive not passive) Very passionate about this by the way! EXPLANATION BELOW! TL;DR @ the bottom! A.) 1. Background: First of all let me say that I have successfully converted (religion saturation) from a 5v5 Summoners Rift play to ARAM Main. But Yes I am a ARAM constantly now. I find the ARAM game mode a lot more less stress inducing from solo q in rank 5v5. I completely enjoy the game mode but sometimes ARAM just fucks with a little to hard for me to play it sometimes. While personally I do want to spend money for champions due to the horrid of blue essence conversion from ip i'm still not invested enough. A.) 2. I enjoy ARAM for the fast paced leveling up and group fighting that it takes. It is also a quicker game mode and pretty quick as to when you are going to lose/win. Certainly being a ARAM I have noticed a tremendous amount of undesirability that could be solved with just a few simple steps. (Insert Oxiclean guy picture) A.) 3. Literately a ARAM Main (To your surprise it may be, There are ARAM players who just straight up play ARAM)(Or even ARAM ALOT) While I am low level I have seasons of experience. While not proud I have gotten a couple of my past accounts permanently banned B.) 1. Problems: I want to highlight 3 key elements wrong with ARAM B.) 2. Format, Continuum, & Effectiveness B.) 3. Format: Now we all know that the format is "5v5, All Random, All mid", while extremely affirmative as to what it is. I know for a fact ARAM can be a break from Summoners Rift, Have just as much fun as Summoners Rift, And be as much of a game mode as Summoners Rift. B.) 4. What are these facts? Well certainly it would be encouraging champs to have fun with, trying new champs, and in general having fun with the game mode. What does this mean? It means the fun of ARAM can be fully utilized to not only have Summoners Rift as the primary game mode but have ARAM as much viability. In Terms of game play ARAM is all for what it is. A fun game mode of "fiesta" of kills sometimes. Not to serious but can be competitive B.) 5. Back to the main formatting some of the problems that are in ARAM are obvious. Q dodging, champion select, & REROLL optimization. Ever had a champion that you really wanted to play in ARAM? Ever gotten that champion? But on man the Q Dodge now you go into the second Q with a lack of a better word mediocre champion that you didn't want. Of course this isn't so bad if you were on the opposite end you got a bad champion but followed with a good champion. Another scenario is you get the first good champion in champion select but someone someone dodged now you dodge? So on and so forth B.) 6. To add clarity these are only situations where a problem occurs to the facet of your choice. (Having a champion you don't want etc, Trade-able champions you don't want, a bad reroll, Q dodges, you dodging yourself, not wanting to play the game, players only playing ARAM to hope they get a decent champion) Just to list some The ordering isn't the best but try and keep up. Lets summarize all the problems ARAM have with numbers 1-10. All of #'s 1-10 are scenarios in which are unfavorable outcomes. What if I could reduce the number of 1-10 to 1-4/5? Well your in luck! C.) 1. Solutions Remixing the ARAM literately! To fix these irritating issues I have a few solutions to fix them touching on the Format, Continuum, and Reroll! To fix the format I would suggest to fix the champion choice first of all. Now hold your horses it will still be all random all mid. To combat some of the problems listed above ((B.) 6.) Getting a champion you don't want. Well that's tough luck. As the game mode is you still will have to all random the champions. What I suggest to a solution to this would first be a ReRoll Change. Have the meter so that the more you build it up, you eventually get to chose your champion. Woah buddy big leap, What are you doing? Well let me tell you C.) 2.The fact is grinding for a ReRoll to only have it be disappointing for the most part makes the reroll almost completely useless. What would make more logically sense is to have build enough games win or lose then get to choose the champion you want. After all you are getting random champions, so why not change the feature to add reward? Even with the new blue essence conversion grinding why not have ReRoll grinding? Makes it alot of fun while eliminating the problem of Q dodges as a result. Not only lowering Q dodges but giving players more of a chance rather then being a 1 and done ARAM time type of thing. To explain this a player won't just dodge because he didn't get a champion he didn't want, a trade was denied, or a reroll was unfavored for a champion. Encourages the player not to dodge, build his bar to pick his own champion later in the future, also fixes other players not getting the champion they want. The Rate of this can be adjusted for the amount of games as so, win/lose, time, general ReRoll to pick a champion. (To help counter a constant matchups AOE Team, longer bar build up) I hope you have seen the parallel to blue essence. C.) 3. Now the above is just for the reroll fixing a multitude of problems in ARAM particular the effectiveness & continuum. The next will focus on format. Again addressing ((b.) 6.) While dodges do suck the most compromising is when you get a champion you like but someone dodges. So on and so forth you get another good one but someone dodges, then you get a bad one someone dodges. As stated in 2. to help fix the problem I just stated I have another solution to ADD. Please note that the reroll will stay the same as it currently is when someone dodges. You receive the reroll back with the option to use it again or not. When someone dodges you have the option to keep or randomize the previous champion. (May receive the same champion in same randomize) due to the fact you chose that and someone dodged previously. A couple of things to address: Same champions, players in q, trade, & what this fixes This fixes ((b.)6.) when you receive a champion you liked but someone dodges you end up getting a worse champion. In terms of game play in accountant of enjoyment, skill, win condition. Also the dilemma of a double dodge in row resulting in other players dodging as so. So on and so forth. As for the same champions, players in q, & trade. Let me start off by showing how it will work and the beginning of the post (first) dodge (same for 2nd,3rd,4th,etc) all players will receive the option to Keep or ReRandomize (can be given same champions as before regardless of q #). Even with the increase in the amount of time given because of new runes this will encourage the change. The option of Keep Or ReRandomize will be ONLY after a dodge and will have a time limit. Can be adjusted to scale after testing. If none have been chosen the option of Keep will automated selected or a dodge will occur from that player who has failed to accept. (Although to save trouble from 2 unselected players of Keep Or ReRandomize, Keep should be selected).(A concern to be acknowledged though). After the choices have been made exact at the same time for all players (will happen at the same time) they will either Keep the ones they had previously or ReRandomize their champions (just like how it is right now when you go into a Q of ARAM). After the inital Keep Or ReRandomize, You may trade with another player or use your ReRoll. (Note chat will be available for communication purposes) C.) 4. In regards for the Concerns of champions, players in q I will present some scenario that may offer questionable in due process. (The stage is set for after a post dodge q) Firstly the players will be matched up exactly how it is right now if someone dodges. (However the system decides who is with who) What if two of the same players on each other sides get placed with each other? In other words regardless of the same or different Q, what will happen if they got the same champion and placed on the same team? Well as it is right now the answer would be quite simple. I would place a barrier to have that happen. (Yes I realize that would not be easy for Riot) What if their premade? Same thing applies Allow me to explain why this is. When two of the same players of the same champion choice cannot be placed together it offers them to either be on opposite teams or in a completely different Q altogether. What about the same players being in the same Q but opposite teams for more of a advantage? The time slot for Keep or ReRandomize can be adjusted to selective fix that problem. As any player you have to not only know the name of the next Q but also the champion themselves. D.) 1. Changes/E.) TL:DR The changes are quite clear but this is where I will I simply them for clarity. CURRENT/OLD SYSTEM: All random, reroll into random champions, trade if needed, dodging problems still remain NEW SYSTEM: All random, Post dodge KEEP or ReRandomize, Trade still possible, ReRoll changed to choosing your own champions (Adjustable bar) F.) 1. Happy to respond to any questions/concerns! Please let me know what you think Closing: While I may say this system isn't perfect especially in the department of match-making, I'd like to think I addressed them fairly. I do think my idea is much better than the current ARAM, but the current ARAM is enjoyable I really do see this taking ARAM to the next level. G.) 1. VERY IMPORTANT. ADDRESSING ARAM ACCOUNTS I got the jest of what riot was saying. They said they don't like ARAM accounts because of the small select of champion pools. What they did NOT mention was dodging q and how that has a direct link to it. Two things though To address the ARAM ACCOUNTS. It's quite clear people think this is a problem because it offers a disadvantage to players who personally have unfair champions. I want to make this clear. There are three players. A player who plays both rift/ARAM Only ARAM Only rift. Now naturally the player who plays rift/aram along with the time they have had the account (champions they bought, ip gained, etc) will be at a disadvantage because the ARAM only main will have naturally better fitting champions that accommodate ARAM more. It that is so why can't the same be said for the player on ARAM as opposed to the one who plays both rift/ARAM. You see the double standard here? Now if I played ARAM mostly and played rift sometimes then why couldn't I say why can't I have the champions someone else has when for a advantage that I don't have the champion to counter theirs with but they counter mine. Stay with me now.... The point is that you can't ask for the two same things then offer a solution that wouldn't work for the same game modes. Because they are different game modes. As a player you have the free rain to do any of these. But if someone has a champion you don't you can't be asked to reward yourself for the sake of a advantage (balance wise to). You as the player chose the champion to buy as you did. If you don't like it then refund it. See but the ARAM main is getting knocked like because the champions they choose to play are what they want. (As for the game mode design allows them to) When the rift/summoners wants a even playing field for whatever champions they chose to buy or got. You understand? Also to add about dodging Q. Which my solution fixes. Is that anytime whether your given a champion that you don't want for whatever reason. A ARAM account or RIFT account is that the possibility of dodging will still be there even for the fact of the champion the player got. Affecting all 9 other players.
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