Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)

>NA - 65% Korea - 65% EUW - 68% EUNE - 65% JAPAN - 68% OCEANIA - 65% RUSSIA - 66% TURKEY - 68% (Zed is at 77% there, first time someone is more banned than Yas) BRAZIL - 69% LAS - OMG! 57%! Below 60! LAN - WOW! 55%! It's a fucking miracle!(Both Lan and Las ban Zed more.) Please, how is this even remotely okay? There are, counting Garena as one server and discounting PBE, only 13 servers. How is Yasuo viewed as okay while having >60% banrates in 9/13 servers? I wouldn't doubt China has a high banrate for him as well but i cant figure out LoL box. How can RiotRep bring up Riven only being an issue on NA, while Riot also ignores Yasuo, who is an issue on the majority of servers? Is this seriously not indicative that his design isn't healthy? Source: https://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/
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