Please use your abilities, and riot fix your rankings.

It's so frustrating trying to fight. While someone decides to save their abilities for absolutely 0 reason. JUST USE THEM at least press R. countless fights have been lost because you idiots don't use your abilities, or ULT. STOP saving them fo the next game. You potatoes, I didn't think gold 5 to silver 1-2 was that much of a difference. Got demoted and it's hard as shit to do good when half of you monkeys either sit and farm while getting ganks, or Don'T USE YOUR ABILITIES. On the other side riot needs to fix their shit. There are silver players who play like iron 10 it blows my mind how much of a coin flip this game is. If I get decent teammates it's easy to win. 17/8/16, 9/3/8, 6/2/2, the easiest wins of my life. Then 2/8 because your shit matchmaking vayne farms 24/7 an still has shit cs. Heimer picked into renekton gets blown the fuck up. and Yasuo 0/9. NO mias, no roaming dude was the most useless player i've seen in my life and he is silver 1.

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