the kai'sa nerfs are not enough

so about a month ago i made a mini-rant complaining about how unfun kai'sa{{champion:145}} was to play against and people were like lEaRn To CoUnTeR hEr but as it turns out i was right kai'sa{{champion:145}} WAS the strongest adc in the game and as a result to that she was almost uncounterable at any elo unless you have a cc-heavy support who could outsmart her{{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} so when the patch 9.18 came to the pbe and read that she finally got the much needed nerf i was EXTREMELY happy with that until i actually realised that it could be compensated by changing her standard legend bloodline rune to legend alacrity and get a lifesteal item like{{item:3072}} that's not enough she is still insanely broken because of her burst dmg and her overloaded kit so a simple -20% attack speed on e isn't gonna do jack shit who needs her (imo) shitty skins other than kai'sa mains{{champion:145}} anyway just because she is the only adc in league's yt channel's most viewed video doesn't mean that other adcs like my man lucian{{champion:236}} and most notably kalista{{champion:429}} belong in the fucking trash EVEN AKALI{{champion:84}} WHO MAKES A SHITTON OF MONEY ON KDA SKINS GOT NERFED and even xayah{{champion:498}} who has a pretty good skin coming up next patch got nerfed out of s tier so why not do the same on kai'sa{{champion:145}} she actually needs and deserves a nerf skins aren't eventhing if your game is bad rant over {{champion:222}}{{champion:202}}
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