What the hell is Happening on this PBE patch?

Is Riot like "fuck what we did for 4 years" as long as "let's buff champions that doesn't need buffs" ? Every players that don't have a problem with this pbe patch must be extremely blind or delusional. Evelynn cooldown buff on her R. So what happened about what you said when you reworked her, that she can't have a low cooldown on her ulti because of how low counterplay her passive is? Do you think it's funny to be ganked by evelynn because she can just lane gank you while you can't see her? Didn't you say that she is on the assassin rework list? why are you buffing an unhealthy champion? Jayce getting one of his first nerf reverted, because let's be honnest who actually remember how jayce used to destroy 80% of the top laners for 2 years, 2012 and 2013? malphite buffed, now this is just when he got his W reworked. HE DOESN'T NEED a buff, he is completly fine with a good niche(aoe attack speed nuke) and relevant for the entire game, while {{champion:75}} struggles to be even good right now. riven's ulti Minimum damage increased to 100/150/200 from 80/120/160 Maximum damage increased to 300/450/600 from 240/260/480 +60 damage on her ulti at lvl 1, **+60** , remember how +20 or -20 damage changes hard the power of a champion in the laning phase (hello {{champion:223}} ) vayne's first nerf reverted, cause again, who can remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmXEnxyVcs0 5:00
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