There is a very big problem with AD itemisation right now. (might contain NaCl)

I'm constantly seeing full AD teams, making it through lategame like it's nothing. AD itemisation is so overloaded right now. We have assassins, fighters and AD carries building Bork, DEath's Dance and GA, and they become unkillable. Like 4 people on top of Draven with GA and DD and he sits there lifestealing like crazy taking no dmg cuz GA armor and DD 1/3 dmg reduction. This actually need to be hotfixed. GA ( I would really like to see this item removed from the game, it has always been problematic and takes thematic and uniqueness away from {{champion:26}} . Probably won't happen. Make it into a tank item again. This is ridicoulous. Try killing a Fiora or a khazix both with GA and DD as 5 man. HOLY SHIT, by the time you have actually killed them Morgana has soloed Baron and taken your inhib turrets. DD needs the Dmgreduction back to 15%. If you think it's weak ( it's not, it never has been) Buff the Healing received from abilities to 30% from 15%( abilities alone not auto atks) Oh my God Riot. A bronze level player would have predicted this shit would be busted the moment you show it to him. GA giving AD , DD 1/3 dmg REDXn????? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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