I'm never ever going Top again...

Until Illaoi gets some nerfs. I'm not even saying that she is OP it's just that the characters I usually play Top can't even put a foot in lane without being obliterated. Last time it was with Taric (I still have to face her with Gnar, might go better hopefully), I built full tank full armor and still half of my HP and even more got instantly deleted by her ultimate while I was under mine, no chance to dodge her tentacles (plus their hitbox is a lot wider that what it's shown on ground). Hitting her while my ghost was up didn't change a single bit, I was her breakfast. I ended 0/3 and she got also 2 kills over our jungler (Trundle) that couldn't do much either. Fortunally I could exploit my supportish kit and after a good telegank we started temfights which were total destruction of their team, we had a good Azir and their team underhestimated my point&click stun and my power as support. They ended up surrendering.
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