Silver ELO is absolute Cancer

I only play ranked to get the gold rewards because ranked stresses me too much.... however, last season i got to gold EASILY ... this season not so much. Silver is absolute cancer - you get people trolling with picks such a Rumble support - then you get the {{champion:141}} on the other team who gets 2 kills then comes bot and 1 shots you with only 1 item and electrocute (**Kayn is not a problem , just using him as an example at random**) - you get those who spend the entire game AFK farming and or chasing kills when there are objectives to get - FOR SOME REASON the enemy team ALWAYS if not 80% of the time gets people who play better and get fed so easily yet everyone in your team is a monkey. - even if you do well your team did so bad that its impossible to carry - win lane lose game all day everyday - you get people who are 0-5 before 10 mins - no wards - you get people trying champs for the first time in Ranked _For me this season is absolutely destroyed , super super hard to climb with this matchmaking and game conditions , please , pleaseeeeeee start placing new players in bronze. _ Conclusion - silver ELO is the worst of the worst, the game makes it almost impossible to climb. -------- yes yes i can always improve more i understand that, but the things listed above are the real problem.
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