Bards W sucks and should be changed.

The mana dump is horrible for a pitiful heal during the lane phase when is can actually be useful, as for most of the game you will use it as a speed booster for allies. Nobody is going to wait the ten god damned seconds in this game that is essentially a race to get advantages for to tiny ass bonus heal they would receive. Bard stuns himself placing the damn thing so he cant even use the tiny speed boost to his own benefit to any significant degree. As a result everytime I am like "hay why dont I play bard?" i hop in and immediatly am pissed as I am reminded why. Using it... wainting for it charge, watching how little the speed up does legit just annoys the shit out of me. The worst part being that in every other regard he is a fun champ. How about instead the ability be decent one off imediate heal or sheild. Perhaps a dedicated speed boost instead thats as nice as zileans. Personally given how easily this dude can get blown up while he moves in closer to get off a double stun maybe the ability could be dmg reduction scaling with AP and points is what i think it ought to be. Whatever though, just not this stupid gimmick the for me at least ruins enjoyment of the champ.
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