Whatever u call the How you died UI thingy

The new version of it... wish you kept prior version and had a simple/complex toggle. I prefer the prior simple version where you don't have to try to figure out what is all this unnecessary info i'm not looking at, and everything else I was looking for too small. Better yet how bout a simplified version toggle that takes you back to the prior version with dmg and spells and person(s) that killed u. Don't need or want unrelated info that I can get from any other menu. Dont want their k/d/a items, cs, anything at all other than spells and dmg delt to me. too much info is always bad there is a name for it, its called information overload. If you want to keep the current thing would be nice if u stripped it of anything that can be removed including everything that reasonably can be removed. enlarge the rest of it, way too small. everything on it is too small. To use it, i'd need to go into match history after the game is over, and rewatch the game and pause but u can't access it from there, so its useless. Don't have enough time while dead to use it and cant view it after dead. Would have to screen shot it and spend a few hours. but there are tabs on it so would have to screen shot all the tabs then set aside a few hours of ur day to read it and not sure the benefit of that when u just wanna get a quick 3 second thing while dead b4 purchasing ideally. :P obviously not in a good mood and things like this don't improve it. :)
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