My take on why the game isn´t fun anymore (Personal Opinion)

So lately the games I have been playing are just not fun anymore, I don´t get the enjoyment I initially got when I first started playing. No matter if the game ended in a win or a loss, or if I fed or got fed and stomped the enemy team, there was simply no rush of excitement when playing. Now, this is why I think the game is just not that fun anymore, at least in my opinion. I remember the days back in season 3 when the unbalanced issues of champions were fixed but most champions were still pretty strong. What I mean with this, is that each champion had the potential to be a beast in the right hands and just dominate games with mechanical strengths so no matter when you played, even if you accidently fed or something, if you knew your champion you could succeed in skirmishes and what not. What I´ve been noticing on the season 5 and season 6 patches is that Riot it´s trying to reach a much bigger audience by making the game easier to play at a mechanical level but emphasizing more on the strategic part of the game of controlling objectives and establishing map pressure (So the lcs players still have something to do on worlds). There´s been so many changes that I can´t really point out some patch that made the turnaround, but I bet most of you can´t deny the fact that the game feels a lot more different at a gameplay level. Removal of words, removal of elixirs, removal of sword of the occult, changes to Cassiopeia to make her easier, the changes to trinkets (Now, with the new trinkets you don´t have to do shit but to think about what type of vision you wanted, the old ones you could upgrade at lvl 9, for those who actually paid attention like me, and get awesome cheap vision in the map that translated into pressure, which is all gone thanks to the gradual upgrade), nerfs to hard champions (which are only strong because people who were really good could actually do something with them), the god awful change to Frost Queen (changed from an aoe SKILLSHOT to a press and slow from across the map bullshit item), etc. Also, there are so many champions with such dull and simple kits that have a success rate but don´t really bring enjoyment to the player or the one´s that are playing against him/her. Annie, 3 dmg abilities with practically no difference between each other and one that does nothing; Nasus, farming simulator pls don´t get qss or iIll be useless; Fizz, point and click get chunked, cc? naw m8 i got a button that takes me out of the game; Warwick, another farming simulator with point and click uncounterable abilities. The kits from these champions, and some others, make it so the champions, at some point of the gave, lack of counterplay. You don´t really want to mess with Annie and if you try to do so with Fizz he´s just gonna dodge all your shit without anything you can do about It, if you have to 1v1 Warwick you either have to be stronger from the beginning or you are gonna lose. Now, this is not a rant on how these champions are OP or broken, is just that they can get so much with such little risks. Fizz gets to shot down your carry with no remorse and he has to be really stupid to either don´t kill the carry or die while trying. What I´m saying, is that these champions should be a little bit harder to play. Take for instance the gamemode everyone loves URF. While it is stupid hyperactive fun, it is a type of fun that gets more enjoyable the more skilled you are. You can´t deny 2 sec cooldowns on abilities make the game harder, trying to keep track of every move the other player has and just overall having fun trying to outplay the hell out of the opponent. That´s what Riot should be basing their patches on, exactly on that hyperactive out of control gameplay where anyone can turn out victorious if skilled enough. TL;DR The game is overall too easy now, I understand that new players need to adjust to the game but I believe the vast majority of players really want to play the game because it brings up a challenge. You no longer require much skill to succeed at the game and in my opinion that´s a terrible thing. There are easy ways to win games, but what´s the point of playing if everything is just gonna be easy as heck? I like to be challenged, League no longer challenges me to the point where I rush with excitement to fight the next laning opponent and that´s why I no longer enjoy the game like I used to.
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