What's the difference of playing Kennen top vs mid?

So I am a Kennen {{champion:85}} main and I pretty much just play him top, but recently I've been playing him mid because I want to be closer to the dragons and team fights while also being able to roam a bit. I have played lots of games with him mid but a recent game I went into my whole team was saying "Kennen mid?" When I asked what was wrong with playing him mid one team mate said, "his disengage is decent" while another said, "he doesn't work mid" Those answers don't really make sense. My question is whats the difference of playing him top vs mid? For example I have fought Akali both mid and top with Kennen, so If Akali can mid and top why can't Kennen do both lanes? Is it bad to play him mid and should I only play him top?

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