I'm going to get downvoted to hell for this

But every game is not winnable. There are some games where you lose based on either the champ pick or the people on your team, in this case I am going to talk about the people on your team. No matter what higher elo players tell you, you cannot win if the enemy team gets over 20 kills ahead and they know what they are doing. This game is at least 30% luck. There is no possibility to carry if your team won't group, if the enemy ADC is killing you in 5 hits even with armor, if your teammates cannot take objectives, and if any other reason comes up that denies you the win. I'm not saying you should FF at 20 becasue your mid lane lux gave up first blood, oh no thats a tiny setback that most likely not affect much in low elo. What I am saying is that NOT EVERY DAMN GAME IS WINNABLE. This is a bronze QQ thread and I don't give to shits that it is. It's no different than people whining about DQ getting them matched with "bad players who got boosted" but it's not wanting Soloq back so it's going to get lost in the downvotes.

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