Has there been any thought given toward a "Healer Pet"?

Current pets like Tibbers, Maiden of the Mist, etc., are all about either damaging the enemy or tying them up with crowd control in Daisy's case. But what about adding in a pet that heals an ally over time? This could make for a really interesting support ultimate, IMO. You'd basically summon a pet that has a spammable single-target heal and it'll go patching up the nearest wounded ally it can find (or will focus on whoever you command it to target). Very different dynamic from Tibbers. Counterplay? Obviously you can either kill the Healer Pet (Smite will make short work of it) or kill the one that summoned it, or you can use Grievous Wounds to make that healing less effective. Displacement can also help by separating the pet's ally from it. The list goes on. What do you think? Could something like this work, or is it somehow toxic gameplay?
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