TL;DR Blue trinket has **NO CAP** meaning you can have as many blue wards on the map as you can place granted they are not found AND the ward remains **INDEFINITELY**, MEANING that unless the enemy walks into its hiding place and clears it (and we have all at one point had a pink last 20 or so minutes in the same bush) **IT WILL REMAIN THERE FOREVER** EDIT: Please upvote this if you at all agree, first comment already proves this is an issue that needs awareness. > [{quoted}](name=pokemaster275,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UhYYm4eX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-18T16:03:09.265+0000) > > sorry but i refuse to buy this oh sure the range is good but. A: the ward isn't invisible. B it is pretty much one hit to kill Its a low elo epidemic, what once plagued low elo was the lack of upgraded trinkets, and purchasing of wards, now what plagues low elo is, still the lack of purchasing wards, but also now the complete disregard for the blue trinket and its importance. I am here to raise awareness! As a support main, vision, and vision denial, are the most frustrating things to watch your team neglect. Its running into the fog of your own jungle only to be caught out by the _entire_ enemy team while I am reminding you that we don&#039;t know where any of them are currently.. Its the pinging baron to ask &quot;are they here?&quot; only to have it taken from us because we don&#039;t know. Its the general facechecking _everything_. With the new sightstone it is surprisingly hard to keep progressive warding at its optimal (ie. placing a ward behind you before moving forward, then realising they&#039;re all in front of you so you begin placing wards down forward in mid lane, jg, etc..) because now instead of 4 wards you are at 3, this one ward actually affects things quite greatly because _before_ you would have a throw away ward to kinda use to check a bush before warding the area, so lets say you want to pass through river to ward a bit into enemy territory, but theres the pixel brush.. So you throw your one ward in there, its all clear, so you move forward and place 3 into the enemy jg. **But I digress.** Right now I see the boards lit up with people complaining about the lack of green wards, the removal of the pink trinket, &quot;what ever will I do now that its 50 minutes into the game and I have 6 items and somehow not a single one wards or sweeps however will I place my absolutely crucial pink ward&quot;, etc.. Heres the thing.. I know high elo is a bit different, _but_ rarely is it ever the high elo players complaining about OP things, they usually figure ways around it. The changes that have so greatly impacted the community when green wards/pink trinket were removed have yet to materialize in a game for me. As a support main my pink ward is still the sole pink ward on the map regardless of game time, my trinket is the only one that has changed from the yellow trinket at the end of the game, and I still appear to be the only person attempting to keep the team safe from facechecking. All the while the glorious blue trinket sits idly by in the shop.. for free.. So now that I have somewhat finished my rant lets get to WHY, IF YOU ARE **NOT** THE SUPPORT, _YOU_ SHOULD GET A BLUE TRINKET. Where the blue trinket stands right now; {{item:3363}} CD - 90 seconds - 55 seconds (lvl 9-18) RANGE - 4000 **Places a visible ward in the area that lasts --> indefinitely <-- and does _not_ count towards your Stealth Ward limit. ** **You know what that last part means?** You spam that shiz on CD, you can throw that thing in the back of the baron pit and it will literally sit there forever. In low elos? They will not clear that thing until they are fighting baron and then guess what? You know exactly where they are. When I say spam that thing on CD I literally mean the moment the CD is up use it again, fill every bush in the enemy jungle, always have one at an objective, KEEP YOUR TEAM FROM HAVING TO FACECHECK. Afraid your team wont have enough stealth wards if you switch to a blue trinket? First off yell at your support, he&#039;ll appreciate the criticism and take it to heart. And considering the fact that 99% of the time you will be the only one with the trinket (unless blue trinket awareness becomes more prevalent) and the rest of your team will almost definitely have a yellow trinket, you&#039;re wrong. This trinket is invaluable, you ever have one of those games where your pink ward sits in a bush for like 20 minutes without anybody finding it? Well imagine having 2 or 3 of those things out there. It seriously helps your team out, and helps keep your support from needing to make risky plays just for visions sake. I got to play around with it a few times running mid, I could not believe that you could have more then 1 at a time down, _and_ it didn&#039;t time out _and_ it didn&#039;t count towards my other wards _and_ you can place it in the enemy jungle _without_ needing to ever step foot in the jungle. **TL;DR BUY A BLUE TRINKET, SPAM IT ON CD IN BUSHES ACROSS ENEMY LINES, KEEP ONE BEHIND BARON AT ALL TIMES.** And _PLEASE_ start putting emphasis on the value of this trinket in your games. I feel like its a must have for at least one member to have.
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