So, Can we Finally Talk About Teemo Realistically in a Non-bitchy Way?

Dear Rito, So, yeah. A lot of people complain about {{champion:17}}, the swift antichrist, and it's reasonable. I mean hey press r every 5 seconds and gg. I mean sure there's A LOT of skill necessary to pull off the insane Teemo combos. I mean let's get real here. Shroom placement is hard, like, "Should I place this shroom at red buff to kill zed, or blue buff to kill Elise?" or "Should I shroom Baron or Elder to somehow steal it with ludens?". All I'm trying to say is there is an insane amount of skill involved ya know. All I'm asking is hey, I think we should buff Teemo R CD, it would make life easier. Rito, you have heard my cries. Teemo needs an R buff, big time. The shrooms are really weak right now. Now it takes like 4 instead of 3 to kill someone. Needs faster cd and maybe he should be able to hold 5? Anyway, Teemo is a difficult to learn, low win rate champion right now, that could really use a damage buff. Thanks, ImNotTopLane P.S. this DEFINITELY is not sarcastic in any way, shape, or form. This is my "true" opinion of the champ. P.S.S. poor video quality i know save your harsh words for when your laning against a Teemo.

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