An Open Letter to Future Teammates

Dear Future Teammates, I need you. I go into every game wanting to play my best. I feel very confidant in my ability to play Shyvana top. I perform pretty consistently, I don't flame, and I don't denigrate your champion picks. So please, please, please stop banning Shyvana at select just because you 'think' you know what is playable top. It happens often enough now for me to complain. I get it. Bronze is rough. People don't listen. You can't control that Yasuo mid from just blowing his lead by charging into 5v1's over and over again. You feel like the whole world is against you. It's not. I'm not. I doubt many of your teammates would say they were not either. Take a breath. Don't spite ban my champ. Exhale. Your Future Top Lane, Reign of Miasma
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