Just had a 4 man surrender at 20 minutes, over a 1 kill lead on the enemy team.

Not a whole lot to say, except if you are going to play a game like this, and the enemy team has 1 kill on you and you decide its not worth playing anymore, instead maybe play a different game. I was a 6/0 Vayne winning lane HARD. Our jungler Rengar was also super ahead of the enemy's MISS FORTUNE JUNGLE! But a mid Yasuo gets one well placed ult in a teamfight and my team decides to end the game right there. PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T PLAY A GAME LIKE THIS IF YOURE NOT WILLING TO PLAY THE WHOLE THING AFTER ANY MINOR SETBACK. Ps. Our team had late game so hard its insane.... but nah a 2/4 Yasuo winning the team one fight means the game is 100% unwinnable.

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